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A Bit of Background

In November 1991, the mainstream Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and People's Organization (POs) in Palawan formed the Palawan NGO Network, Inc.  The motivation was to present a broader NGO consensus that would carry more weight in the policy-making process in various local government units in the province.
With its creation, NGOs hope to maximize the impact of their respective programs by being able to consult and coordinate with one another. PNNI believes that uniting the NGOs and POs towards a common pursuit, it can strongly influence the direction of development for Palawan. Since then, PNNI has actively involved itself in numerous provincial concerns.

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PNNI is a proactive and credible organization with an effective and long-term program that addresses the welfare of the environment and the people of Palawan.

Protect the Forest

Wooden House in the Forest


Through the coordination and unity of the NGO/PO sector, the capacity of the poor and neglected sectors of society is strengthened to effectively manage natural resources in the field of advocacy, livelihood, environmental protection, and active participation in local governance.



P - Passion for service and social justice (pagnanais na maglingkod)

N - Nurturing relationships with God

N - Nature and People

I - Integrity and Excellence


Development Agenda

PNNI will work towards the sustainable development (balancing of the use and preservation/protection of Palawan's natural resources) and recognize that local communities play a major role in the management of resources. Any development measure that will not promote sustainable development will not be tolerated.

Access to Palawan's natural resources will be democratized in favor of the marginalized sectors of Palawan's society (small scale fisherfolks, indigenous peoples, small farmers, urban poor and women).


Organizational Structure

Currently, PNNI is composed of 39 Palawan NGOs/POs. The General Assembly, its highest policy-making body, meets every year to map out the network's thrust for the year. Its officers are elected on 2-year terms from among the member organizations.


Palawan NGOs/POs


term among the Board of Trustees.


PNNI News Articles

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(PNNI Declaration of Principles, Puerto Princesa City, May 1994)

"The Palawan NGO Network, Inc. shares a common vision of social justice and equitable distribution of wealth rooted within the framework  of self-help and participatory democracy."


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