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Behind the Scenes

The Palawan NGO Network Inc. (PNNI) was organized in November 1991 by mainstream Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and People's Organization (POs) in Palawan with the motivation of presenting a broader NGO consensus that would carry more weight in the policy making process in various local government units in the province.
With its creation, NGOs hope to maximize the impact of their respective programs through consultation and coordination with one another. PNNI believes that by uniting the NGOs and POs towards a common pursuit, it can strongly influence the direction of development for Palawan.
Since then, PNNI has actively involved itself in numerous provincial concerns.


PNNI  Member Services



Sustainable Agriculture

Livelihood and Enterprise Development


Ancestral Domain Delineation

Biodiversity Conservation

Legal Assistance on Environmental Issues


Capacity Building

Family Spiritual Growth

Networking and Advocacy



PNNI Secretariat Programs & Services

Image by Scott Graham

Policy Advocacy and Lobbying

inside cave

Bantay Mina Campaign

Image by Jose Aragones

Swift Justice


PNNI Secretariat Programs & Services

Jungle Hut

Protection of Indigenous Peoples’ (IPs) Rights

Office Space

Palawan Provincial Access Center

Call Center Headset

Technical Support and Services


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